Who we are

GHC Asesores

GHC ASESORES born in Marbella (Malaga) as the result of the professional work of its senior partner and manager, Juan Jesús López Pérez, registered economist that has practiced this profession since 1999.


Our Target is providing a complete service, aimed at self-employed and small business, which are the most important part of our society business network, to cover all their needs from the accounting, fiscal and labor point of view.
This way, the employer can be dedicated entirely to the development his business.



The quality of service is capital, and we at GHC ASESORES strive everyday to make it our standard. Always providing the best human and technical resources, adapted to ongoing regulatory changes and the alterative environment in which our business develops. The result is to always offer the best custom tailored solutions to our customers.



For the creation, consolidation and growth of any business or small/medium company, it is essential to establish and plan a good fiscal, labor and accounting management. There are many companies that, ignoring the importance and benefits of a proper planning, self manage their resources incorrectly by lacking of a deep and comprehensive analysis of their business situation. As a result they perform wrong tasks and procedures.


In good hands…

At GHC ASESORES you will always be attended by the best registered professionals who will adapt to the needs and will always look for the best for your business. Save the most on your tax declarations and avoid possible penalties and surcharges.

We also have a professional liability insurance that covers all actions taken by our staff.